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Yellow Jacket™ smartphone case will literally stun you

The Yellow Jacket™ smartphone case was recently featured at CES 2014 but is just now hitting the news outlets. For example link to this BBC News article dated Jan. 9, 2014 by Leo Kelion. According to the BBC, Yellow Jacket can stun with a "650K volt electric charge". For a brief view of the Yellow Jacket use this link to view the promotional video. Yes it seems like wrapping your iPhone in a Taser - but more devious. And untrue their blog states that it is more of a stun gun. But does the stunner actually work on the case? This test video appears to show that it does - but it seems to be set on a "low voltage".

Stunning Yellow Jacket
Derivative work by George Koprowicz; MS clip art

Unfortunately for Michigan residents (or fortunately?) the Yellow Jacket stunner case would appear to be illegal for most unauthorized citizens. See the Michigan Penal Code Act 328 Section 750.224a. Yes that is a buzzkill for some - bad pun intended. Don't even think of getting caught with a stun gun or a device like the Yellow Jacket without authority - penalties seem quite harsh. However a valid concealed pistol license may cover you if you choose to buy and use - see subsections (5) and (6). For the concealed pistol license guide and application link here.

Back to the case itself, according to the BBC News video it looks like the case may be offered for more varieties of smartphones. However, the product web page offers an iPhone 4/4S case only? No - "more may be coming" according to the pre-order form. Like the CES booth suggests there are other stunning colors available for the Yellow Jacket iPhone case. You will have to wait for the red case. The case itself is said to be made of PC and ABS. That would appear to be a durable plastic alloy - some drop tests would be great. A search of the Yellow Jacket blog came up negative.

The pointy little stunner electrodes are meant to be sharp enough to penetrate clothing. It is said to be a non-lethal device - but make sure you have the cover ON. The cover will offer small comfort if you forget to leave it on your Yellow Jacket case. The authorities may show up if you report a stun gun injury at your local ER.

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