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Year round decorating with your artificial Christmas tree

As Christmas came to an end and it was time to take down the decorations, the joy, excitement, and even energy drained from the family. Out of laziness, or hopefulness of joy the Christmas tree still stands in the corner of the living room bare except for the twinkling lights. The youngest has discovered he likes the tree with just lights to turn on and off at his whim.

As the tree stood looming in the living room, daring me to take it down, I gave in to the impracticality of leaving it up. The Christmas tree turned into an all occasion tree. I already sent orders out to the decoration committee, the kids, that they are to make decorations for Valentine's day to put on the tree. As for January decorations, snowmen and snowflakes seem to suit the occasion this year.

I thought for March and April I could get away with an Easter tree made from my Christmas tree. It would be a great place to hide the eggs as well. Memorial day might be a little of a challenge for them, but they could decorate for Mother's Day or even a birthday that is celebrated.

I thought it would be nice to put flags all over the tree for Flag Day in June. With July quickly approaching, we could leave some flags up and decorate the tree in red, white, and blue.

The problem came discussing August. Since Labor day is in September, I gave the decorators the choice of either decorating for Labor day or possibly summer in August. I could only imagine the decorations to represent summer.

October was an easy month to agree upon. Halloween trees have been seen in the neighborhood that my decorators might mimic. Shortly after we get thru taking the decorations off for Halloween, we could decorate for Thanksgiving or even Christmas.

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