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Year in review: Top informative Detroit business articles in 2013

In marketing programs we understand that a message must be repeated in order to have the message resonate with the perspective customer. Using this logic and the downtime at the end of the year we should once again review the year’s top informative articles from your Detroit business development manager.

An abandoned home is seen with the Detroit skyline in the background on September 5, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

How to set up a board of directors for your small business venture

A board of directors can be an economical way to keep any new entrepreneurial venture on track to achieve its goals if it is properly organized. By asking friends and/or family to serve as your board you add the...Continue

How to control your corporate image

Do you get as upset as I do about people that continue to repeat old worn-out arguments? It seems like every expert panel on television and radio business programs is loaded with all sorts of pontificators...Continue

How to conduct business on a conference call

With the expense of travel today it is not uncommon to have meetings on Skype, an online conferencing service, GoToMeeting, or a traditional telephone service. It seems to go something like this: some of the participants log...Continue

Customer service at the return desk can negate your marketing investment

For many companies the most effective marketing investment might be to evaluate their return policies and provide specific customer service training to employees at the return desk. Stanley Spering Kresge, founder of the Detroit based S. S. Kresge Company that...Continue

How to survive a tough business environment by changing or modifying your model

Although there have been some signs of recovery many businesses have yet to participate in the economic revival. The reason may very well be that your pre-recession business format simply does not have acceptance in the post-recession...Continue

Effective business meeting protocol comes into question

A large Michigan company had two offices, one in Detroit and one in London. To reduce costs they decided to combine redundant operations by appointing an advisory board with members from the two offices.At their first meeting...Continue

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