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Year in review: Success stories in Detroit business community

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Downtown Detroit is shown July 19, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

At this time of end-of-the-year reflection there are typically stories about huge happenings that have had a significant impact on past memories and future opportunities. A success story does not have to come from Dan Gilbert or Donald Trump to be able to relate to our own businesses. Here are three stories that are at small businesses in the metropolitan area.

Detroit restaurant finds way to build business past goal of 800 plates a day

To be successful with his new middle-eastern restaurant in Detroit the entrepreneur knew he needed to serve 800 plates a day. Adjacent to Wayne State University and Detroit Medical Center so the location seemed perfect for the delicious, fresh...Continue

Home builder sales executive learns to be a vice president

He was the top salesperson before being named a partner and vice president of sales for the custom home company in Michigan's thumb region. But being a salesperson does not necessarily equate to becoming a great vice president...Continue

Management-union gap creates poor quality

Profit margins in the manufacturing sector continue to narrow as costs increase and buyers become more insistent on maintaining or lowering current prices. This leaves manufacturers with little room for error. This is particularly challenging in the automotive industry where...Continue

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