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Yeah Netflix! Netflix releases final episodes of hit show 'Breaking Bad'

The final episodes of "Breaking Bad" have finally been released on Netflix

Something glorious happened today, Monday, Feb. 24, and social media is in chaos after the announcement. Finally, Netflix announced that the final episodes of the hit series "Breaking Bad" have been released for public consumption.

The A&E produced series has become a cult classic to its loyal followers, and one of the most "binged watch" shows of all-time. However, with all but the final eight of the episodes on streaming sites, like Amazon Prime and Netflix, the series has left many sitting in agony and anticipation over what will be the conclusion to the popular show.

Without giving away any spoilers, if you have not watched the final episodes of "Breaking Bad", the ending is worth skipping some sleep over to finish as soon as possible. It's just that good.

It's unclear as to why Netflix got "first dibs" on the final shows of the series, but Director, Vince Gilligan, may have offered some insight as to why at last year's Emmy Awards. Hinting that at one point in time the series was on the brink of extinction, and might have been cancelled after Season 2 had it not been for its popularity online.

"I think Netflix kept us on the air," Gilligan said at the awards ceremony.

The announcement is some needed good news for the video streaming site, after it was blasted last night on social media after making an announcement that it had reached a deal with Comcast to use their servers to stream smoother content to the cable company's users. A move that had many lamenting that the agreement dealt a crucial blow to the crusaders of the "net neutrality" movement.

It's unclear as to when the final episodes of "Breaking Bad" will be released on other video streaming sites, like Amazon Prime; so, if you have a friend with Netflix, now may be a good time to give them a call and "reconnect".

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