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Yeah, 10 at George Dunne National Golf Course has 446

From this angle, more fairway is visible than there is teeing ground visible.
From this angle, more fairway is visible than there is teeing ground visible.
© 2013 Vernon Brookins

The 10 is the 10th hole at George W. Dunne National Golf Course. (George W. Dunne National Golf Course is at 16310 S. Central Avenue in Oak Forest, Ill.) The 446 is the average yardage to the putting green from the rear, Gold teeing ground.

The 10th hole is par four. From the Blue teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 415 yards. Three hundred eighty-two yards is the average distance from the White teeing ground. Three hundred nineteen yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #4, course hole handicap.

This hole’s fairway points northwest. (This fairway is the closest fairway to the first hole. It is on the first hole’s, left side.) This fairway is wide. Generally, the ground slopes downward from the teeing grounds. The tree lines, which are on both sides of this fairway, have many feet separating them from this fairway’s edges. These trees are moderately high and closely spaced.

Having only a very slight, right dogleg, this airway is not especially challenging. However, there are two sand bunkers on the right side. These bunkers, which are approximately 150 yards from the putting green, have odd configurations. According to this golf course’s scorecard, there are small, green turf islands in these medium size bunkers. There is another sand bunker on the left side. It is small, butterfly-shaped and approximately 50 yards from the putting green.

Close enough that golfers should consider it a putting green bunker is another bunker on the left side. This bunker begins approximately 25 yards from the putting green. It is medium size and has an odd shape.

This putting green is slightly large. It has the shape of an irregularly shaped, shelled Spanish Peanut. (This is likely the only spot on this golf course where you will see anything resembling a peanut; management does not grow peanuts in the rough areas.) This putting green is above the fairway’s level, probably having the same level as all teeing grounds on this hole. For golfers, putting will be more difficult than usual.

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