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YCN writers frustrated with lack of communication from staff

YCN Page View Issues
YCN Page View Issues
Screenshot by Wendy Spickerman

On June 19, 2014, YCN (Yahoo Contributing Network) Staff updated an unknown audience of current issues, “While I am unable to provide an exact time-frame on when page view updates will return, please know this is our top priority and we’re actively working on getting it resolved as soon as possible. As soon as there’s more info, it will be posted here.”

The reason we say unknown audience, is that Yahoo Writers have been left uninformed of where updates on the current issue at hand would be posted until now. Most would still go unknowing, if it wasn’t for one of the contributing writers posting the link to what they happened upon while searching for answers.

“I thought it was strange the staff wasn’t getting back to all the questions, comments and building frustration from contributors wanting answers. They were talking about a “writer strike” saying if I’m not getting paid I’m not writing”, said one YCN writer.

While contributors at YCN were growing frustrated with the lack of communication from staff concerning the issue revolving around Page Views and Performance Pays not going out; the staff was posting updates in a thread titled “No PV update for 6/4 and on: Low PV on 6/3.”

Several times the updates were posted June 7th, 9th, 17th and 19th. However, contributing writers had no clue the staff was talking about a continuing issue with Page Views, they thought it was a post specifically about PV for June 3-4.

“Everyone was clueless asking what was going on. Almost an entire month without views. No updates or communication. I’d rather know something one person stated, something is better than nothing at all. Especially when we were told we would be kept in the loop,” a YCN Contributor told us.

Frustrated with no communication, which turned out to be mis-communication, writers stated they wanted to see a change. “They need to maintain a relationship with their writers and they are not doing that.”

The strained relationship between Yahoo Staff and Yahoo Contributing Writers comes off the back of a shrinking staff and their inability to keep up with the ongoing issues. One contributor stated, “It just seems like they are overwhelmed and unprepared to handle all the issues on a daily basis.”

When asked to give an example they said, “Editing is vital to an article going out. Sometimes an article is written, edited, rewritten, proofread multiply times all before handed in and it takes up to 2 weeks to be reviewed for publication. Yet an article can still be found published out with editing issues.

Once the article is published it’s out of the hands of the writer, we can’t edit the material even if we wanted too. We end up having to report an article published with errors. This looks unprofessional and it’s an issue YCN Staff should put more time and effort on.

They are the last line of defense before publication; an article should be formatted, checked for accuracy, proofed, reviewed and published. They are the fresh eyes on an article a writer has spent numerous hours and days sometimes weeks working on."

We tried to get in touch with a Yahoo Staff member but this was all we got back, “Thank you for contacting the Yahoo Contributor Network. We are currently experiencing a high volume of inquiries and response time may be delayed. Your message is very important to us and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. Current projected response time exceeds one week.”

It seems to be safe to say this gives a broad view of the issue. If we ever do here back from them, we will keep readers posted. The question at hand here seems to be, why Yahoo Contributing Network is letting staff members go while they are so overwhelmed with daily issues.