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Ybor City Cigar Factory Series: Corina Cigar

Diaz Havana Cigar Factory
Corina Cigar Factory (Copyright 2009 Tom Ufer All Rights Reserved)

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Cigar Brand: Corina

This building was erected in 1893 by the Vicente Guerra Cigar Company and the Tampa-Palmetto Beach Railroad Line.

The three story structure was used from 1910 until 1940 by Jose Escalante and Company where they machine made CORINA cigars.

The Corina brand was the first machine made cigar to have a pre-formed hole in the cap.

Jose Escalante was also one of the biggest users of the Boite Nature (pronounced bow-waht  nah-tchoor) wooden cigar boxes. In fact, they were assigned a US Patent for the design.

For a time, it was also the home of the Diaz Havana Cigar Company.

Looking at the front of the building, in white letters, you can make out the words CORINA FACTORY and CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS.  The word "CORINA" is also at the top center of the building.

The building is currently used as office space.

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