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Yazoo County, Mississippi's own Ziggy: HUNGRY For His Dream of Making Good Music

Recording artists Ziggy and Lil' Boosie
Recording artists Ziggy and Lil' Boosie
Real Deal Entertainment

At the age of seven he was joining his father in listening to Master P and Tupac. Now rapper Ziggy has tens of thousands online and beyond paying attention to him.

I first interviewed this young artist from Mississippi in late 2011, and he seems to be just hitting his stride.The road that led the young man to pursuing music may not have been what some see as the best, but it is a testament of what can happen when we work to make the most out of a bad situation. At the age of 14 Ziggy found himself in trouble and used writing as a way of sharing what he was going through and what he was feeling. This gave him confidence to begin recording himself and dropping his first mixtape while just in the eleventh grade. "I sold it for $3 and the people were loving it," he told me.

The rest as they say is history.

Ziggy's video for the song "Jumpin' Out" has over 51k hits on Youtube, garnering him attention not just around the state of Mississippi but beyond as well. He is staying focused creating the kind of music that he feels like others will not only enjoy but relate to as well. "I think I have something for the club, the streets or wherever you are," he told me. "I make music for the people."

Not even those who might be seen as naysayers are making an impact on the lyricist. "I feel like if you don't have haters you aren't doing too much," he says. "You have to have haters to keep you going." No matter what comes his way Ziggy is determined to not let anything keep him from pursuing his dreams, and wish both of his parents supporting him the skies seem to be the limit.

In 2013 Ziggy signed with AMS Entertainment. "It was a great move for him," says Stanley Clark, President of Real Deal Entertainment and Ziggy's manager. "It gives us a chance to get some distribution and exposure." Since then Ziggy has had the opportunity to share billing with artists like Young Scooter, Big Krit, 8 Ball and MJG and one of his mentors in the business Boosie.

No matter what comes his way, Ziggy is determined to stay focused on his goal of being the best he can be. His advice for others who are looking to go for their dreams? "Keep going. Don't get caught up in anything that can hold you down. Let your haters motivate you to become better."

Look for Ziggy's album I'M HUNGRY to be released soon. Stay connected with Ziggy online at, and For booking contact Stanley Clark of Real Deal Entertainment at or 1.662.528.0059.

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