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Yasmine's Cafe - unassuming and delicious

Not far from UNM
Not far from UNM
The chicken shawerma and arabic salad
The chicken shawerma and arabic salad
Sonja Dewing
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There are several good Greek food places around the UNM campus. Yasmine’s is good, and there are a few things that makes Yasmine’s better than others:

1. They have their own parking lot, so plenty of vehicle space.

2. Yasmine’s has real baklava (I have a thing for desserts), layers and layers of crispy philo dough and sweet chopped nuts; fresh baked and delicious. [I’ve been to other places that have cheater baklava. Only the top and bottom has a layer of philo dough].

3. An entertaining time watching Greek music videos on the two televisions.

For my recent visit I had the chicken shawerma combo for $7.49. It came with tasty chicken in pita bread, a drink and a choice of a side. I choose the Jerusalem salad with tomato, cucumbers, tahini and lemonade. I like tahini but the salad was a bit too gooey for me, so next time I’d go for the Arabic salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon and olive oil.

There are vegetarian choices with four different vegetarian combos. For example, vegetarian combo number 2 has lentil soup, tabouleh, hummos and dolmas for $9.59. or a cheaper vegetarian dish is the Fatah: chickpeas, pita bread, tahini sauce and spices for $4.49.

My friends enjoyed their meals of Gyros and a Greek salad and we will definitely be back.

Yasmine’s 1600 Central SE, one block west of UNM. 505-242-1980.

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