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Yarn farming

Barbara Parry
Roost Books

Sit back and enjoy four seasons on a New England fiber farm with Barbara Parry. She will introduce you to her 220 acre Springdelle farm in Shelburne, Massachusetts through her writing of "Adventures in Yarn Farming". On the farm you will meet her husband Mike, a collection of 60 various breeds of sheep (Border Leicester, Cormo, Shetlands and Moorits), three miniature donkeys, llamas used as sheep 'watchdogs' and two golden retrievers.

If fiber runs through your veins, you will enjoy the farm life from the cast-on to the bind-off. The wip (work in process) is not for the faint of heart, but always rewarding. The photographs are wonderful. A beautiful farm in all seasons. Gardening and maple tree tapping are an addition on this artisanal farm.

Spring on the farm is a time for renewal and birth. Barbara will give you a good feel for what sheep farming is all about. You will be there for shearing, fleece skirting and the birth of the lambs. Summer is grazing, fence mending, hay gathering and armfuls of produce from the garden. Barbara says fall is the celebration of color. Autumn brings color to the landscape and this is the time of year the sheared fleece, turned into yarn gets dyed. Winter calls the sheep into the barn. With the long evenings, Barbara finds the yarn calling for her knitting needles.

Included are projects for hand-spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving, sewing and recipes. Designers Kate Gilbert, Christa Giles, Lisa Lloyd, Marnie MacLean and Melissa Morgan-Oakes have included knitting patterns. This is a nice way to expand your fiber art and craft by trying a project that isn't in your niche.

The book will give you a taste for the fiber life, where your yarn comes from and how it gets to your needles. Barbara will share with you the routine and the rewards in great detail. This is a book for the fiberista who is curious about the process of the craft.

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