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Yardstick and going an honest mile in media

Measurement key to good media
Measurement key to good media
BT Springer

"God despises dishonest weights and measures," says Dr. Livingston B. Wilde a character in a new television program that is shooting in Denver and getting ready for an inaugural season this fall. Wilde is a college professor in Denver and he teaches classes on street ministry in a classroom that extends to inner-city streets in major metro areas. "Leveling the playing field," he tells a group of students, "is emotional and social science that thwarts what we are made for which is to do, our level best at what God calls us to do." This is at the very beginning of Proverbial wisdom (Proverbs 1:1). This is also the character of Dr. Wilde, a middle aged man who appeals to a younger audience and confronts social engineering but also despises "what we make out of our calling." "Its in the papers I grade, it is found in the resumes and business plans we give to prospects and it is found in the briefs, shorts and boxers of the legal disclaimers and opinions all over our cities." The media group Yardstick showed clips from the upcoming series called "Live Wild," at the same press conference that announced the film schedule for Churches Making Movies, a film festival, that is developing into workshops and entrepreneurial media start-ups, right in the center of the New York Media Center of the World. Lavonne McIver James, is the Director of the Festival, and she announced yesterday the schedule of the films that will be screened, many being world premiers. For a schedule please visit!screening_press/c1t44.

Goth Barbies and The Little Mermaid

"Honest weights and measures leave a glaring hole in media these days," our character witness Dr. Wilde tells us. "Media has become a self fulfilling prophecy using smoke and mirrors to change the way we think; and live; what is acceptable and what is not. Little girls are sold on the idea that vegan-ism is right; animal meat is wrong; and environmental activism is the only noble cause," he tells his class in front of a toy store which features "Goth Barbies." "The idea that bullying is bad accept in teaching mean girls and boys a lesson, is how Mattel is marketing their newest lines." Dishonest, weights and measurements are also found in measuring sales; reach and audience, and then the old model of content producers paying for air-time is eroding quickly. "There is a cloud," according to Wilde, "that hangs over us and so we make decisions on easy money, without working for it. And that drives so many business models, but kills innovation and leadership."

Yardstick - a measuring device that counts outreach

Yardstick is a new measuring device being developed at Ministry, Leadership and Communication Institute. It takes a social media; terrestrial media, and applies digital and a donation reading and projects long term impact in five areas of influence. The foundational element is driving truth as the engine. ministry and mission through evangelism; face to face events with workshops and follow up. Areas of influence, invitation and impact can be measured by constant tweaking and correction, challenge and change. The measurement is totally honest and the outreach always sincere. "There is no social engineering in evangelism because it is based on truth," Dr. Wilde tells the crowd. "There is no racism or prejudice in inviting the least of these to fellowship with the rest of us," the writer quips in the second point of honest measurement." The third measurement factor is content. "What is the media feeding a hungry culture? Is it misleading little girls with Goth Barbie? or is it guiding people to seek their calling and purpose of life?"

Prayer points and progressive thinking

The other two points of true back and forth measurement comes from getting beyond the walls of our churches and praying in public. "Not as a spectacle; or some kind of Jesus Freakish experience, but an invitation on our city streets to pray for one another; to praise God for all He has done, and what He will do, and to love your neighbor as you would like to be loved." The impassioned Dr. Wilde, is passionately wild about the last point of measurement. "It is beyond real estate or city planning," says the actor. "Community building is laying down the foundation that in Denver, in New York, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, that we share our cultures. Community Building is the source of measurement; through invitation; influence, and impact.

To find out more go to Vantage Point NY

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