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Yard Art Day 2014 scheduled for Labor Day-Monday, September 1

Are you ready for Yard Art Day 2014
Are you ready for Yard Art Day 2014
Facebook/Yard Art Day

This year Yard Art Day will be on Monday, September 1 in Charlotte, which is also Labor Day. A map is available online for those venturing out to view the local yard art.

Many Charlotte residents are aware some enjoy Yard Art Day enough that their yard art is already on display. Those still needing a sign to post in their yard can find details on where to get one here.

Deborah Triplett, a local photographer and creator of Yard Art Day shared this on the Yard Art Day site:

"It is my dream that for one day people remember that child within them that likes to play creatively without any judgment or restraint. For us to cross neighborhood, city boundaries. To be inclusive. Art can do this."

Those who participated in previous Yard Art Day events will recall some of the art work displayed and how much residents enjoyed sharing their yard art. To view some of the art displayed during the first Yard Art Day, use this link More details about Yard Art Day 2013 will be found here.

Please visit the Facebook page for Yard Art Day for more details.

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