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Yanukovich abandons his Kiev office, opposition leaders in control

The rebel opposition battling against President Viktor Yanukovich stormed his Kiev office on Saturday and demanded a new election in May, according to Reuters.

The strife began when Yanukovich turned away from the European Union and began to establish ties with Russia three months ago. Protests and ensuing violence caused Yanukovich to accept a deal with European diplomats on Friday following the death of 77 people in protests.

Upon seizing the office the opposition demanded a new election be held by May.

A Reuters’ reporter on the scene saw the protestors enter the president’s compound. Security guards were present inside the building but did not make any attempts to interact or drive out the protestors.

But the deal on Friday with European diplomats, which called for early elections by the end of the year, was not enough to satisfy demonstrators who want him out immediately after there was an engagement from police snipers on a roof killing protestors. This sparked led the final rush by the protestors and seizure of the president’s office.

Protestors also went to Yanukovich’s personal residence which was open and they moved freely about the building, according to Reuters.

The deal on Friday led the Parliament to make immediate changes which allowed voting to be restored and a constitution curbing the president’s powers. A change in the legal code will allow Yanukovich’s dissenter, jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko to be released.

The protest and riots seeking to oust Yanukovich comes from an economic situation. The Ukraine relies upon Russia to pay its debt as it nears bankruptcy. Commerzbank's Simon Quijano-Evans says the instability in Ukraine stems from ‘competing needs’ to secure future energy supplies.

The opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko, a retired world heavyweight boxing champion, told the emergency session of parliament debating the opposition motion requesting the president to resign: ‘Millions of Ukrainians see only one choice - early presidential and parliamentary elections.’ Klitschko then tweeted that after the vote that an election should be held no later than May 25.

Ostap Kryvdyk, who described himself as a protest commander to a Reuters’ reporter stated what appears to be an orderly plan that there are some protesters who entered the offices but there was no looting.

‘We will guard the building until the next president comes,’ he told Reuters. ‘Yanukovich will never be back.’

The Associated Press reported that a spokesman for the border service, Oleh Slobodyan, said that Kharkiv regional governor, Mikhaylo Dobkin and Mayor Kernes left the Ukraine across near the Russian border earlier on Saturday.

These events come after President Barack Obama called President Vladimir V. Putin on Friday to discuss possibly meeting this summer.

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