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Yankees trade rumors: John Danks, Joaquin Benoit become Yankees trade targets

Joaquin Benoit could become an asset for a new team very soon.
Joaquin Benoit could become an asset for a new team very soon.
Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Yankees trade rumors suggest the team wants to acquire John Danks and Joaquin Benoit. These New York Yankees trade rumors surface as the deadline approaches and it shows that the team will be a buyer again this season. According to a new report from CBS Sports on Wednesday (July 30), the team is trying to pry away a starting pitcher (Danks) from the Chicago White Sox. He would be able to add some depth to a rotation that has been shattered by injuries this year.

Danks has posted a 9-6 record with a 4.40 ERA this season. He is a left-handed starter that the Yankees would like to have, but with two years to go on his $65 million, five-year contract, he would be an expensive addition. If the team were willing to pay all of his salary and take on just a marginal prospect, it might be something the White Sox seriously consider. While negotiations are still underway between the two teams, the latest report states that they are far apart when it comes to specifics.

An earlier report from CBS covered another of the Yankees trade rumors, with the team engaged in talks with the San Diego Padres about acquiring reliever Joaquin Benoit. This would give the team another weapon in the bullpen, but it is curious that the front office feels the need to go after another reliever. Benoit has an $8.5 million salary for next year, knocking out some other contending teams when it comes to dealing for him, but it isn't a price that would worry New York. The reliever has a 1.88 ERA over 43 innings this year.

It seems that the Yankees are definitely intent on making another deal or two before the MLB trade deadline hits, showing fans that they are ready to make another run at the postseason. The best bet for the team is one of the wild card slots, though, as the American League East leading Baltimore Orioles would be tough to catch. While Danks and Benoit aren't players that will win a team a title, they are key role players that could certainly help a contending team get better.