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Yankee Candle Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Candle on eBay for Easter

Peeps marshmallow scented Yankee Candle.
Peeps marshmallow scented Yankee Candle.

Yankee Candle has released a new candle to celebrate the beloved Peeps Easter marshmallow candies. Just Born, the manufacturer of Peeps, has partnered with Yankee Candle and released its exclusively-licensed Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Collector’s Edition Candle. The announcement was made on March 14 and candles are in stores, and on eBay, now.

According to Peeps Senior Brand Manager, Mark Hoffman in a press release on March 14, “Peeps is continuously looking for ways to extend our iconic brand to enable our fans to enjoy our beloved marshmallow treats and express their peepsonality.” The Yankee Candle partnership helps Peeps bring their brand to consumers without all the calories. This is a limited edition fragrance and will only be produced for a short time.

When resellers hear or see “limited edition,” they often purchase items in quantity, and list the item at an inflated for sale on eBay. When the supply starts to decrease, consumers will pay the inflated price to have a product that becomes nearly impossible to find. The limited edition 22 ounce jar Peeps Yankee Candle is now available in 500 Yankee Candle stores across the country. But don’t expect supplies to last long.

eBay currently shows 20 listings for the limited edition candle. Regular retail for a Peeps Yankee Candle is $27.99, and these can be purchased online. Best case scenario on eBay for a sold Peeps Yankee Candle is $44.99 with $5.95 shipping. The item sold on auction with 8 bids. Prices could go much higher as it isn’t uncommon for retired Yankee Candles to sell for up to $80. Yankee Candles are collectible – some people purchase them for display and never burn them. Only time will tell how much Peeps enthusiasts will pay for this candle when it is in short supply.

One benefit of selling the Peeps candle versus the actual candy is the candles don't have an expiration date. No worries about a candle becoming unsellable. Before you rush out and buy up all of the limited edition Peeps Yankee Candles at your local store, remember that the large 22 ounce size is very heavy to ship. Consider how you will ship the item to keep costs down for the buyer while retaining an acceptable profit margin, and while staying competitive with other sellers on price. A USPS flat rate box is probably the best option. Avoid shoving a large glass jar candle into a flat rate bubble mailer – the buyer probably won’t appreciate the shortcut.

Read the Yankee Candle press release about this new product.