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Yang Bang Eon to perform at Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony (video)

Yang Bang Eon (who is also known as Yang Bang Ean and Kunihiko Ryo) is a Korean composer, arranger, record producer, and pianist. Viewers might not have heard of the artist before watching the event in Russia, but fans will want to learn more about him after the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony. According to Huffington Post on Friday, the opportunity to hear the artist with other Korean entertainers is going to be one of the highlights of the program.

Viewers of the Closing Ceremony who are interested in Yang Bang Eon might want to check out the list of his music on Last FM. He is well known and widely heard in the international music scene. He composed the theme song and music clips for the Jackie Chan film Thunderbolt as well.

The Sochi Olympics will have a look back at the games in Russia and a hand off to the games in South Korean. Offering a chance for fans to explore the culture of both countries, while celebrating the success of the athletes should make the program a glorious celebration for the fans to watch!

Take a look at the video clip of Yang Bang Eon on the piano. He is an extraordinarily well versed musician who can make the piano sound beautiful. He also has a talent with music composition that bring emotion into music in ways that must people didn't think was possible.

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