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Yandy Smith: Post bond to have Mendeecees released

For months rumors have been circulating about the release of former “Love and Hip-Hop” star, Mendeecees Harris, after his subsequent arrest in 2013 for his alleged role in a drug ring in New York. It is safe to say that as of Monday, Mendeecees is a free man out on $600,000 bond. Yandy Smith, his devoted fiance, didn't think twice about putting up $200,000 toward his massive bail and VH1 cameras where there to capture the moment he was released.

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Brian Ach/ Getty Images
Love and Hip hop Star Yandy Smith
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For over a year, reports of Mendeecees' involvement in this alleged drug ring have provoked many to speculate whether he would spend the rest of his life behind bars. Some reports have even claimed Mendeecees had already been released several months ago. According to USA Today, that information was imprecise.

As for the case, USA Today also reports the District Attorney, Frank Sherman, has been working with Mendeecees' attorney for a resolution, which could be good news for Harris. Mendeecees has been held in a Yates County jail for the past year; however, Judge Frank Geraci Jr. agreed to release him on his own recognizance.

Harris and is brother, Tyrus Harris, were accused of drug trafficking in Rochester, New York and was fingered by Ronald Walker, also charged. Both Tyrus Harris and Ronald Walker have cooperated with authorities and have pleaded guilty to their charges. Tyrus Harris faces a minimum of five years in prison and walker faces ten.

Mendeecees has been accused of “snitching” to make a plea deal, but none of those rumors have ever been confirmed. With all the speculations and assumptions being thrown around, it’s easy to get caught in a bunch of hearsay and hunches with no facts to back up those claims. If Mendeecees were to cooperate, it would better serve him to comply with authorities for the sake of his family. He should pay his debt to society for any role he has played, but should not have to take the rap for someone else.

Yandy Smith says her husband-to-be is an all-around good guy and the hardest part of this ordeal is how this affects their two children. “The hardest part is just watching the kids grow up without him,” she said in a previous interview. Yandy and Mendeecees have a 20-month old son and co-parent a son from a previous relationship. With Mendeecee finally at home, the affianced couple can finally resume their wedding plans.

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