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Yamisha Thomas-Sylvester Davis: Columbus, GA., fatal attraction murder timeline

Yamisha Thomas was strangled and left in a shallow grave in Phenix City, Alabama
Yamisha Thomas was strangled and left in a shallow grave in Phenix City, Alabama

Yamisha Thomas Fatal Attraction-Stalker case: Yamisha Thomas, aka Yamisha Brown Thomas, is an African American woman who was murdered by her live-in-boyfriend, Sylvester Davis in 2011. Thomas had been missing for a month prior to the discovery of her body, as stated in a report by WLTZ. Police say Sylvester strangled Thomas, covered her in cement and buried her in a shallow grave in Phenix city, Alabama. Yamisha Thomas was originally from Columbus, GA. Authorities say Davis murdered his girlfriend because he was jealous that she was seeing another man. Police records show that Yamisha 'Toot' Thomas had tried to distance herself from her boyfriend but feared for her life, according to the Ledger Enquirer. Yamisha's case will air on TV One's documentary "Fatal Attraction" on Monday, January 19th at 10PM/ET.

Yamisha Thomas Timeline: In 2001, Yamisha Thomas becomes reacquainted with an old friend named Shantrell. The two ladies hit it off and become best friends. Shantrell will turn out to be Yamisha's only true friend.

In 2005, Yamisha is injured in a car accident. She has a severe foot injury which requires several surgeries which will complicate her life over the next several years. On top of having to deal with a foot injury, Thomas is going through a custody battle with one of her baby's fathers. She is also divorcing her current husband. The situation is stressful and frustrating for her.

Around 2008-2009, Yamisha Thomas meets Sylvester at a club. One of Sylvester's female family members introduces him to her. Yamisha and Sylvester hit it off and become good friends.

Yamisha needs someone to help her get back and forth to court since she is involved in a custody battle with her child's father. Sylvester is the guy who helps transport her to and from court. She also confides in him about certain issues she is facing.

Sylvester helps her monetarily, too. When she sees that she is able to depend on him, she starts dating him. This turns out to be a big mistake! He is madly in love with her and is willing to do anything to keep her.

At the time Yamisha begins dating Sylvester, court records show that she is still living with her legal husband, Ricky Thomas, though the couple is estranged and plan to divorce. Sylvester Davis becomes jealous over the living arrangement and begins showing up to Yamisha's home without permission. This is a cause of stress in Yamisha's life.

It is the first time the young mother realizes that she may have made a mistake by dating Sylvester Davis.

Yamisha Thomas Timeline Part Two Here

The Clark County Prosecutor's website admonishes anyone who is in a domestic violence situation to get out.

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