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Yamie Chess -- The New Math Boardgame For STEM Learning In Texas Public Schools

Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels
Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels
Yamie Chess Ltd

Summary: A new math learning aid called Yamie Chess represents an opportunity for Texas public schools and K-8 schools across the U.S. to boost K-8 students’ math performance in the classroom

Technology is a growing part of all our lives. This means that more schools around the country are adding lesson plans about technology into their curricula.

The focus on technology revolves around four specific categories, which are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is often referred to as the STEM education plan or STEM fields of learning.

Since schools in the United States have a low performance rating amongst these four key areas of technology, it is imperative that something be done to help children better understand and learn this material.

Yamie Chess is an educational form of chess that helps children from kindergarten through 8th grade with these STEM fields of education. Yamie Chess coincides with the traditional chess game, but it goes much deeper.

This unique educational form of chess was created by some of the best engineers at Caltech, Stanford and MIT. They also collaborated with a two time U.S. chess champion named Jennifer Shahade.

Together they formed a board game that is fun for kids to play while teaching them important lessons at the same time. It will help enhance their critical thinking abilities because the game will keep them interested and motivated in figuring out the next move while learning at the same time.

Any great teacher will tell you that finding a way to get a student to work for their answer is the best way to teach them. That is why the best teaching tools for kids are always made into a game or fun activity for them to take part in. It gets them interested and helps them learn at the same time.

Yamie Chess features cartoon characters that each represent the traditional chess pieces, like the pawn and the king. The white pieces teach valuable lessons in mathematics while the black pieces involve the player with science lessons. Besides learning about all of the STEM fields, children will get a chance to learn how to play the game of chess as well.

Chess is a game that many adults don’t even know how to play, so kids that start playing Yamie Chess will become advanced very quickly. When you look at other countries, like China, whose students are excelling in science and math, we need to use every resource possible to get our own students caught up to them.

Yamie Chess is a step in the right direction towards making that happen. It has been endorsed by mathematics experts at MIT and Harvard University, which are two of the most respected schools in the United States.

For only $24.99, a teacher can purchase this game for their students and give them an education they will never forget.

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