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Yamie Chess Simul with WGM Jennifer Shahade

The good folks at Yamie Chess are really stepping it up. If you aren’t sure what Yamie Chess is, I was thrilled to be able to help spread the word previously here:

You can also visit their homepage and read about it from the source here:

To get a quick idea of what exactly Yamie Chess is, a quote from International Chess Master (IM) Tom Bartell sums it up nicely:
"The Yamie Chess puzzles are integrated perfectly into the story without bogging it down. I also found the story itself to be entertaining and educational. The focus tends to be more so the math than the chess in terms of educating, and certainly there is nothing wrong with that. The chess puzzles do however challenge the reader, and help develop chess skills like pattern recognition."

This coming August 17, 2014, two-time U.S. Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade will be hosting a really cool simultaneous exhibition (simul) to help kids and also promote Yamie Chess. It will be held at the Gen Con film festival, which takes place at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A simul is when a powerful chess player competes against multiple opponents at once. The simul giver walks from board to board, making generally fast moves against each opponent until all the games reach completion.

For this simul, Women’s Grandmaster (WGM) Jennifer Shahade will be playing against no less than 50 kids--25 Boy Scouts and 25 Girl Scouts. It’s going to be an awesome event and everyone is guaranteed a good time.

As you can probably guess, fifty boards is a ton of chess to concentrate on. Jennifer is going to have to be on top of her game and exhibit a great amount of stamina for this event. For those of you who play chess, you already know that a single game can be about as much as we can handle; add in forty-nine more, and things get real interesting real quickly.

If you are a parent of a K-8 child and are interested in purchasing Yamie Chess for them, visit this page:

As you can see, the price isn’t exorbitant. The folks at Yamie Chess aren’t looking to get rich; they are looking to create an environment where kids can learn chess, math, and science in a fun yet educational setting through their product. The Yamie Chess program is receiving wonderful reviews from some pretty sharp people.

Here is a very in-depth analysis of Yamie Chess from Michael Ching, a well-respected Professor of Mathematics who has a Ph. D. and loves the program.
It’s not only a great introduction to Yamie Chess, but also a glowing review by a serious source.

To read more about Jennifer Shahade’s simultaneous chess exhibition in Indianapolis, go here:

We thank you for your support and consideration. Yamie Chess is fast becoming a favorite learning tool among kids K-8 and even older. Whether you are looking to improve your child’s mathematics skills or introduce them to the game of chess in an instructional and fun manner, Yamie Chess has you covered.

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