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Yaktrax Pro makes winter training safer for runners (Photos)

Notice the imprint of the metal springs.
Notice the imprint of the metal springs.
Carol M. Green

Runners can stick to their winter training longer with the help of the right gear. Yaktrax Pro grips allow runners to keep up their outdoor routine when packed snow and ice threaten to force them inside.
For the runner that prefers the open road to the confines of a treadmill at the gym, Yaktrax Pro shoe grips are an inexpensive and quick option to add traction to running shoes. They retail for under thirty dollars. The rubber and metal spring treads attach quickly and securely to the soles of running shoes, or any other pair of footwear. Metal coils crisscross the bottom of the shoe and grab into snow and ice. They are especially effective on packed snow.
Runners are not the only individuals that may benefit from Yaktrax Pro. Anyone desiring added stability during winter conditions might want to try these easy to use grips. Postal workers, construction workers, even the elderly can use Yaktrax Pro with confidence.
If the call of the open road is beckoning and the surfaces are less than ideal, give Yaktrax Pro a try. The right gear can keep runners on track longer and safer during winter conditions.

Yaktrax Pro grips through snow and ice
Carol M. Green

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