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Yahoo Voice and Yahoo Contributor Network to close

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On July 2, 2014, contributing writers of YCN received some not so shocking news that Yahoo Voice and Yahoo Contributor Network would close on July 31, 2014. In the brief statement made by The Yahoo Contributor Network Team, they stated the reason being “reviewing products and experiences”. This meant making “tough decisions to no longer support a product”.

Writers were informed any content published through Yahoo Contributor Network would be removed from Yahoo and all rights would revert back to the writer unless Yahoo arranged differently or content was under a work for hire license.

That means, some writers received a specific offer on material published somewhat higher than an Upfront Payment or Performance Pay, selling the material out right. While some writers saw this coming, with the downward spiral YCN seemed to not be able to pull out of; others were shocked asking, “Why would they still be accepting more writers if they were closer their doors?” and "Why did they accept new material to publish on July 2, 2014 just handed in for review knowing they would be putting the announcement out to close the same day?" One contributor stated, "It makes no sense."

That is one of the many questions being asked on top of the most recent fall out between writers and Contributor Network Staff. Examiner published a recent article just last month on June 20, 2014, when writers received word about Page Views being invisible and not correct.

On June 19, 2014, YCN (Yahoo Contributing Network) Staff updated an unknown audience of current issues, “While I am unable to provide an exact time-frame on when page view updates will return, please know this is our top priority and we’re actively working on getting it resolved as soon as possible. As soon as there’s more info, it will be posted here.”

“Everyone was clueless asking what was going on. Almost an entire month without views. No updates or communication. I’d rather know something one person stated, something is better than nothing at all. Especially when we were told we would be kept in the loop,” YCN Contributor told us.

While some writers had only a few articled published with YCN the most shocked and frustrated members were there for years and had over 1,000 articles published out, whom were now being told to collect their material and go. Not as easy, a task as one would think it would take time to download each article individually as that was the only means given to them for the task.

With contributing members frustrated with the work of cleaning up after YCN mess they explain, “All the links to our material was posted out over the World Wed Web on various platforms. Those links of which our readers follow our work through will now become “dead links”".

Another writer noted, “It’s going to be a mess to deal with material published because we can’t post it out with other companies until the rights revert back to us, which is still a month away.” In addition, “It may be hard to get another company to take the material if dead links are still floating out there.”

Others question how Yahoo would still use their material if the contract was for Upfront and Performance Pay claiming if they are using it they would still have to pay us and we are being told our last performance payment will be August 15, 2014. It seems unemployment is once again on the rise.