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Yahoo to Take on Youtube

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Web search engines have been abuzz since 2006 with the term 'Youtube Alternative'. You'll find Hulu, Vimeo, and maybe even Myspace Video among the top of the extremely short list. Is there any serious competition? One hasn't surfaced yet. Youtube reportedly has over 1 billion users each month. Who is even crazy….err I mean, brave enough to try and spar with them?

Well Marissa Mayer, the Former Google Exec and current Yahoo CEO, has announced that Yahoo is up for the challenge and plans to go head to head with Youtube. They plan to immediately offer better deals to Creators. The deals would include heftier revenue-sharing packages and fixed ad rates that are significantly higher than what YouTube offers. The revenue split is already enticing creators that are not satisfied with Youtube earnings. Yahoo also isn't requiring exclusivity. You can use Yahoo and Youtube simultaneously. Those that sign on with Yahoo will have the ability to share across Yahoo companies and others.

Yahoo has been trying to delve into this arena for some time. Last year they tried to buy Dailymotion and French authorities blocked the deal.. They also attempted to purchase Hulu. They are also pursuing deals with Fullscreen and Maker Studios. Yahoo plans to unveil the new service by the end of this summer.



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