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Yahoo's new chief security officer

Did yahoo screw up
Did yahoo screw up
Peter Kramer / NBC News

Should Yahoo acount holders be worried?

Just months ago examiner brought you the news of government officials looking into account holder's records on Facebook, which everyone felt was an invasion of privacy.

Facebook reassured accountholder, they were not at “liberty” to divulge that information. However, Facebook released the press statement as soon as the United States Government gave them permission and said they would continue to do so but had to get permission first.

On March 10, 2014, news comes out that Yahoo goes and hires a man who worked the US government’s secret surveillance program.

“Yahoo officials and Stamos could not be reached for comment on his appointment, which was announced Monday on the company's blog by Yahoo Senior Vice President Jay Rossiter.”Jim Finkle, Reuters

The growing concern and question on everyone’s mind is why Yahoo picked a man who pulled out of the RSA security conference in San Francisco, once discussion got heated over cooperation with U.S. intelligence – gathering efforts. Stamos, was one of the primary organizers of TrustyCon, which was a group of technology experts.

How do you feel about this bold move from yahoo?

a. Do you feel your accounts at yahoo just got safer from hackers?
b. Or did you just get permanently hacked?

This information was leaked back in November 2012:

From: Marissa Mayer
Date: November 13, 2012, 4:42:53 PM EST
To: “
Subject: Welcome back Jay Rossiter!
Reply-To: Marissa Mayer

Hi All –
Today, I’m excited to welcome back a long-time Yahoo, colleague and friend. Jay Rossiter is returning to Yahoo! reporting to me as EVP of Platforms, focusing on the tools and technology supporting our externally facing products. As many of you know, this is an area of in which Jay has spent much of his career, including his five years here at Yahoo!. As a true engineering leader, Jay fully understands the intricacies of platform excellence — especially how important it is for us as we build great products for our users and advertisers.

Jay will lead our efforts in creating a world-class platform technology stack for the company. The technologies created by Jay’s team will include Cloud Services, Hadoop, Personalization & Targeting, Mobile/Presentation platform technologies, Consumer Platforms, Membership and supporting Development Tools. As part of this alignment, Elissa Murphy, Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, James Carroll, Charles Marker, Rammohan Kordale, and Ty Lee will now join Jay’s team.

Additionally as we continue to ensure we are architecting our products with excellence, Amotz Maimon will join Jay’s leadership team. This new structure, focus at the E-Staff level coupled with Jay’s track record at Bell Labs, 3COM, Oracle and at Yahoo!, position us well for some big wins in the platform space.

David Dibble will continue to lead many of our critical technology functions as EVP of Central Technology — focused on the internal infrastructure that is so critical to our success. Dibble will lead our data centers, service engineering, CIO, IT, and internal security functions with Mark Morrissey, Randy Roumillat, Randall Gannaway, and Justin Somaini on his team. Scott Burke and RonBrachman will also continue to report to Dibble. I want to call out that Dibble has been an incredible technical leader and tremendous member of my staff, and I’m confident this realignment will help us bring clear focus and faster execution within each organization.

In Jay’s words: “I am absolutely thrilled to rejoin the ‘new Yahoo!’ with the increased momentum and focus on building great products leveraging world-class technology. I’ve been watching the changes from afar, having spent the last few months fulfilling a lifelong dream of traveling across Africa, Asia, and Europe with my family. I am ready to re-engage.”

Please join me in welcoming him back!

If Yahoo cannot seem to stop their own information from being leaked by their own people, how safe is your yahoo account. This information was gathered by just doing a quick google search on Jack Rossiter, Kara Swisher from All Things D covered the story.

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