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Yahoo moves forward with encrypting its platform

We appreciate and do not take for granted the trust you place in us
We appreciate and do not take for granted the trust you place in us
Yahoo, screen shot by Wendy Spickerman

On March 11, 2014, we here at examiner, brought you the news of Yahoo’s new chief security officer Alex Stamos, who use to work for the governments secret surveillance program.

Yahoo, wasted no time in using the wealth of knowledge they gained from Alex Stamos by making it more difficult for government snooping and other intruders.

Within the next few months, Yahoo will take it a step further by protecting other services as well such as video chat.

An announcement made on April 2, 2014, by Alex Stamos informed the world that Yahoo has encrypted all information that moves between Yahoo’s data centers; search requests from Yahoo’s home page have also been encrypted.

“Users can initiate an encrypted session for Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Good Morning America on Yahoo ( by typing “https” before the site URL in their web browser”, replied Stamos.

You may be wondering why Yahoo has not encrypted the full site yet; that’s because many of Yahoo’s services rely on content and ads provided by thousands of other companies and some of those companies are reluctant to use encryption.

While it hasn’t happened yet, “Our goal is to encrypt our entire platform for all users at all times, by default.”

This all comes out on the back heals of Yahoo’s latest “Transparency Report” in which Yahoo stated, “You can trust us to work hard to protect your data and right to free expression.”

It seems yahoo is fighting back using the government against itself. We will have to wait and see just how valuable Alex Stamos is to yahoo.

What do you think; we here at examiner want to know

  1. Do you believe yahoo made the right choice in adding Stamos to the payroll?
  2. Do you think social media sites are just putting up a smoke screen, to pacify their billions of account holders while letting the government take control? (Yahoo alone has over 800 million users.)
  3. With Yahoo going to such measure, do you believe they are “For the people, by the people”?

Yahoo has gone to great lengths putting a “Users First Approach” campaign into action detailing how they protect user data, advocate for users and promote human rights.

So while yahoo may be a little behind Google with security measures they have definitely showed themselves to be a force to be reckoned with.