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Yahoo may be looking at a class action suit

Yahoo closes Yahoo Voice and YCN
Yahoo closes Yahoo Voice and YCN
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With over 6,000 contributors out of work Yahoo may be looking at a class action suit. It was on July 2, 2014, that Yahoo Contributing Network notified writers it would be closing its doors for good.

Some blame the close on poor management and unprofessional business etiquette, while others seem to think it had something to do with Yahoo’s second quarter reporting. Things are not looking good for Yahoo.

The Washington Post reported total revenues fell three percent last quarter for Yahoo and shares have dropped 6 percent. You can read more about it in their recent article, “Why Yahoo’s troubles reflect bigger problems for media.”

In fact, we here at covered the breaking news surrounding the close. Many of the writers who published with YCN have been left scrambling to download copies of their articles before the official close date, which was stated to be July 31, 2014.

However, writers have reportedly been unable to get into the site to collect their material several times. While some writers may only have published as many as 50 articles with the site being still quite new; others have over 1,000 articles and more.

Therefore, the question stands to be asked, “Has Yahoo given writers the appropriate amount of time to collect their material and fix dead links?” There have also been reported talks of Page Views being shut down or lack thereof keeping them up to date, which has caused writers to believe the credibility of the information incorrect.

With everything happening writers are worried about how this reflects on them. Feeling their credibility will be in question if dead links to Yahoo articles are not fixed in time or if even one or two are missed. This may cause readers to not view material by this particular person if they come across a link somewhere shared out on the World Wide Web they themselves have not put out. "People like our work, share and comment. If someone posts a link out to one of my "Yahoo Articles" it's going to be a dead link, it's something I as a writer have no control over and it could cost me my reputation as a writer," said one contributor.

While talks of a class action suit are underway, one writer isn’t waiting. He has filed and will be seeing Yahoo in court on September 18, 2014. When asked about the suit in question he replied, “I feel they owe me money. I’ve been writing here at YCN only three months but have over 75,000 Page Views and I think Yahoo has prevented me from earning my full potential per article.” Then he remarked, “Ask me on September 19, 2014, I expect Yahoo to settle with me before then.”

The writer in question’s name will not be given out at this time due to the pending court case. Other writers feel a class action suit is warranted and are seeking counsel. There’s a mixed feeling amongst the writers, while they enjoyed publishing with Yahoo a great number of them feel they have been wronged.

In the months before the announcement to close came out, Yahoo Contributing Network writers were shocked by the lack of communication between the staff and themselves when Page Views went to zero and nothing was being updated. You can read more about this in the suggested links.

Once it was announced everything was back up and running at YCN, some writers fell short of views by the thousands leaving them feeling frustrated with many questions going unanswered. Several issues surrounding this specific event raised huge questions and trust was lost.

Many writers have gone on to other sites in search for work. Hubpages, Wikinut and even Bubblews. However, writers seem to find these platforms lacking and in need of getting use too. We here at Examiner will keep you posted as things progress.