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Yahoo malware affects thousands

Visitors who clicked on ads in the past few days are at risk of having malware infecting their computers, according to published reports on Sunday.
Fox IT – an internet security firm, who discovered the malware infection stated that 300,000 users visited the infected ads every hour. That estimates that 27,000 computers and devices were being infected every hour.
Malware is defined as software used to disrupt computer operation, or gain access to private computer systems, or gather sensitive information. Computers connected to networks can spread malware onto many more computers. It is stated that the malware may have started Dec. 30.
Consumers should know that this Yahoo malware attack operates by redirecting clicks to ads on Yahoo to an infected site and then uses security holes in Oracle’s Java to install malware. Fox IT says that most of the users affected have been in Great Britain, France and Romania.
Yahoo states that they are aware of the security issues. The infection rate has declined significantly, indicating that Yahoo is making adjustments to fix the problem.

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