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Yahoo Hacked

Sources say Yahoo was hacked yesterday (January 30th) and that users should change passwords immediately. Yahoo is one of the largest internet companies, and they even can not defend from hackers. It shows just how powerful hackers can be and if hackers want information they will get it. It is not said how many accounts were compromised, but to be on the safe side, change your password. Yahoo is taking steps to fix affected users accounts by resetting passwords.

Passwords are important part of the hacking process. It can make it easier or harder for the hacker to compromise accounts. It is a good Idea to use strong passwords, changing passwords every so often, and do not use the same password for multiple accounts. Once a hacker finds out that password is used for a bank account, that can be some very bad news. Hacks against giant internet companies is out of the users controller, but to keep your computer safe from malware and hackers is to have up to date, creditable virus protection.

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