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Yahoo email accounts compromised


Yahoo email accounts have been compromised, according to a Time report on Thursday. The compromise of the Yahoo email accounts was due to the technological world’s latest cyber-attack.

The Internet giant did not say how many Yahoo email accounts have been affected by the security breach. However, Yahoo asserted that its team of security immediately took measures to protect Yahoo users.

Yahoo has the second-largest email facility in the world – only following Google. Yahoo has some 273 million users throughout the world. There are 81 million users in the United States. The Internet company has contacted affected-persons via email or a text message. The notification tells Yahoo’s users to reset their password.

The hackers most likely targeted third-party databases, according to the email firm, and that is how they got customers’ usernames and passwords. The company says that it has implemented additional measures so that attacks will not occur again.

In Dec. of 2013, there were glitches with Yahoo emails which left some users without emails for several days, according to the report.