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Yahoo Contributor Network shuts down in efforts to back out of a downward turn

In efforts to get themselves out of the red, the Yahoo Contributor Network will close down its services this month
In efforts to get themselves out of the red, the Yahoo Contributor Network will close down its services this month
Yahoo Contributor Network

In a surprising email that was sent out on July 2, the Yahoo Contributor Network informed it’s many thousands of contributing writers that after nine years of service, they would discontinue their crowd-sourced publishing platform. The Yahoo Contributor Network is a website that brought in writers, photographers, and videographers of multiple calibers to publish in many genres and get paid by pageviews on the site and at times via up-front payments. Contributors were able to publish their work inside of categories such as News, Sports and Finance and had a reader reach of more than 600 million unique visitors each month.

According to on Monday, the company has been on a downward turn for many months, if not years, despite substantial success only a decade ago and despite multiple attempts at making enough changes in order to survive the need to nix these services.

It turns out that Yahoo, Inc. has also decided to discontinue many other products and services, including Shine, Xobni, Yahoo People Search, and Yahoo Toolbar. Yahoo, Inc. has dubbed these services “aging products” and is making moves to focus on more popular products that will bring in substantially more advertising revenue.

Discontinuing The Yahoo Contributor Network is one move the company is making to come out of the financial red it has gotten itself into as services such as The Yahoo Contributor Network had become less popular over time.

In the letter they sent out to contributors, The Yahoo Contributor Network Team explained that the company continually aims to become more focused and streamlined, which means making, at times, very difficult decisions.

For writers who still have content on the website, there is some important news to heed! Yahoo Voices will shut down on July 31. Content will be removed from the site on August 1, and all rights to those articles will be reverted back to contributors. Final performance payments will be made on August 15. The Yahoo Contributor Network has created a FAQ that contains more information for interested parties regarding these actions and the Freedom with Writing website has created an action plan for writers for Yahoo Contributors with some tips on what to do with the work they have submitted.

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