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Yahoo CEO Asleep at the Wheel.

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, was 2 hours late to a meeting. According to CNBC, Melissa overslept and was late for an important ad meeting. The type of ad company that keeps websites alive. Apparently this is not her first blunder as well making the tardiness sting a lot more. However, she was up for 20 hours prior to the meeting. She still should not have been 2 hours late to an important meeting. The question is, where was her assistant? Should it have been the assistants job to wake her? Maybe if she took a nap in her office but at home, no.

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Photo by Brian Ach

There could have been a couple of measures to take to make sure one would not oversleep regardless of the situation. Multiple alarms could have been set, someone could have called her to make sure she was up, something the assistant should of done. Anyway, this is somewhat blown out of proportion. Yes, she overslept, but it is not like it happens all the time. Things happen, not everyone is perfect. Something should have only been said if the earnings for the company were effected. As of right now, they are not.

Oversleeping and keeping the ad company waiting for 2 hours is a little extreme, but this is something of this magnitude to happen. At least she did not spend 32,000 dollars on an office toilet. Yes, that was a real thing. Again, when earnings are released and investors are not happy then something should be said about the blunders. Other than that, it should be kept under the table until the time was right, especially when she was awake for 20 hours.

Yahoo has and still is a good company today. Some may question if she knows what is going on and what she is doing. Well, to that, they would not have asked her to take the job in the first place. Yahoo is down on the day by .48 percent, so the news has not influenced the stock much, but she may want to consider keeping a good relationship with the marketing firms, especially after she fired her chief operating officer.

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