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Yahoo calls buyout discussions with RayV rumor and speculation

Is Marissa Dressed for success
Photo by Brian Ach

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is no stranger to buying up companies and shutting them down. She’s got a track record growing in leaps and bounds. Recently nicknamed, “The Black Widow of Social Media” the world awaits to see if the latest breaking news about Yahoo is true.

News has broken out all over the World Wide Web about Yahoo’s newest venture looking to acquire tech company RayV, which specializes in video streaming. Everyone knows YouTube owns this platform but it does not stop tech companies like Facebook and Yahoo from trying to get in the game.

With RayV’s headquarters in Israel, Mayer’s may be looking to encompass her vision globally, though that vision is unclear to many. RayV’s platform possesses three main things, which Yahoo would find beneficial if put to good use., as reported by Kraig Springer an experienced COO, Business Development Dir., Account Exec.

  • Content-Distribution Network
  • Content Management System
  • Digital Rights Management System

Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer is known for buying companies with technology and talent. However, it seems the talent is the only thing that withstands the buyout. The big question here, “Will this new company in Mayer’s sight payoff.”

Bloomberg News along with Walls Street Journal both cite a source of the talks saying, “Yahoo’s discussions with RayV, which specializes in delivering high quality web video-streaming features, could still fall apart.” They asked not to be identified because the matter was private.

We hear at Examiner wanted to get to the bottom of things so we contacted Yahoo ourselves and asked, “Is there going to be a press release coming out about Yahoo buying RayV and just what is the plan for this company? Will Yahoo shut RayV down like many others Yahoo has bought up?”

On May 22, 2014, a Yahoo spokesperson was more than will to provide us with a statement saying, “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation.” So, there you have it folks, a Yahoo spokesperson calls the discussions rumor and speculation.

This may not be a far stretch from the truth with RayV’s management team made up of all male counterparts. One of the things one could ask themselves, has Marissa Mayer been seen wearing something that covers her elbows and knees lately? How open is she as a person to talk about herself and personal life? This is something Israeli business people love to do. In addition, has she been seen out and about with a Hebrew translator? These are all forms of Israeli business meeting etiquettes.

If you can answer these three questions with “yes” than maybe, it is not just rumor and speculation after all.