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Yahoo and Bing may stop holding hands in search engine land: Your options

Internet searches can currently be made on a number of search engines, with Google typically drawing the most users and Microsoft's Bing giving them a good run for their money. And while Yahoo also offers search engine capability, you typically get Bing results, as the two have been partners in this portion of Yahoo's business since 2009. But on February 17, ZDNet writer Mary Jo Foley reports that Yahoo may try to wriggle out of its Microsoft search partnership when their ten-year deal reaches an important clause milestone in exactly one year.

That means that Yahoo could attempt to draw in their own search engine users more passionately between now and then. And, in fact, that is exactly what Foley says they are doing right now. And if that effort pays off--and Yahoo feels Microsoft's Bing provides them with less results than they want in that department--then the partnership will likely go by the wayside, at least where online searches are concerned.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are not the only search engines available to online computer users; However, but they are just the most well-known free ones. A number of other options are also available. And with these three major search engines typically using tracking cookies to record your search activity (for advertising purposes, etc.) many computer users prefer a search engine that doesn't collect that personal data about them.

Juno Internet Service is such a value-priced dial-up Web search engine option. But it isn't the only one, and some of the others are free. One of those is, which offers you more privacy during Web searches, so you don't have to worry about tracking cookies. And since Dogpile basically compiles the same search data you would find on Google, Yahoo and Yandex, you are really getting four search engines in one by using it. And you don't have to weed through any unsubstantiated search results for your topic, as it does it for you.

Other search engines are available, so don't think that just because Google and Yahoo and Bing have the major share of that market that there are not more options. Even Publishers Clearing House has their own search engine (PCH Search and Win). And it is the only one to offer you the chance to win money and prizes by using it. And this month there are still two days left when you could possibly win $1 million dollars a year for life just by using their search engine (which enters you into that sweepstakes giveaway up until Feb. 20).

And if you don't think someone can win a million dollars from PCH by using that search engine, you should research the name Natalie Bostelman, who says "winning the PCH sweepstakes changed my life." And how many search engines can boast accomplishing that feat?

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