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Yacon syrup for weight loss

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What is Yacon Syrup and how does it work?

Yacon Syrup is made from the Yacon plant, found in the Andes Mountain range of South America. It has a sweetish flavor similar to raisins or prunes. The syrup can be used as a low calorie sweetener in coffee or tea. Yacon syrup can also be consumed on it’s own, there are no chemicals and it is completely natural. This syrup acts as a probiotic, which helps to regulate the bacteria in your small and large intestines. Research it has shown that the type of bacteria in your intestines will greatly impact how your body digests and absorbs foods, and as a result, your over all weight. Having the right types of bacteria in your intestines can increase the efficiency of digestion, therefore lead to greater weight loss. You can buy Yacon syrup at most grocery stores and health shops.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen to make sure you are medically able to participate. Only your doctor can determine how much exercise is safe for you. Starting an exercise program that is more strenuous than you are ready for can result in injury and serious medical problems.