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Yacht Club takes leeway on SD coast line

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C 420 racers launched out for the final mid-day races off Coronado today, July 17th. The young sailors, under 22 years old, learn to run the open San Diego waters.

The members of the San Diego Yacht Club, an event organizer, keep the sailing waters out in the ocean full of skipper and crew work during Summer. The up and coming young sailors in the C 420 Nationals race took their early boat commands.

Swift sailing is easy on Summer waters most visitors in town just look out over. Starts out into race fleets begin Yacht Club members learning enterprises.

Old men of the sea took their race positions on the east coast while the young members in the junior yacht club lined up Summer sailing work trips in C 420s. Members do not turn back from the local deep waters fit just right for their sailing adventures. Over and over, the boats take over San Diego waters.

Work on sailing done here builds up the knots that get a young sailor to the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami, Florida. Preparation paid off for the young sailors who sailed the race after last Christmas.

Water boating is a top priority in the SOuthern California town. Visitors like to stay on the coast line to see the sailors sail San Diego's edge. The San Diego Yacht Club, tied down at 1011 Anchorage Lane, keeps the hatches down, and guarantees the outdoor crowds enjoy the open air sailing.

Thankless capsizes cut a boat trip short. And, though they break in young sailors, the capsizes never become a member's custom.

Young sailors on their way to the finish line in the Club 420 Association National Championships took their turns in the waves in the wide open kept safe by a lifejacket and a whistle that hangs on the jacket. Responsbile adult sailors and the parents of sailors 17 and younger, take full responsibility for steady sailing trips taken while onthe watch.

Summer, and sunscreen, give local San DIegans all they need to make a start on their sailing path for life.

Yacht Club sailors who depart from the docks in the club's J/22s stay on an even keel as long as they discover their open passage through the ocean waves. San Diegans welcome the many seasoned sailors to their shores.

THis is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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