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‘Y&R’ spoiler alerts: Ian and Mariah married? Phyllis opens her eyes?

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Ian Ward has been a thorn in the side of just about all the residents of Genoa City on the CBS daytime drama “The Young and the Restless.” What will be the next thing he uses to hurt the Newmans? And has Phyllis awoken from her coma?

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Spoiler alert for from the episode seen by Canadian “Young and the Restless” fans on Aug. 29 and will not be seen by American fans until Tuesday. Ian Ward is at the center of the controversy swirling in the Newman family. But will Victor back down? And how far will Ian Ward go to continue torturing the Newman’s?

Ian forces Mariah to marry him, explaining to her that this is her path in life. Mariah resists, begging him not to force her to marry him. A tearful Maria Copeland tells Ian she thinks of him as her father. Ian is not interested in what Mariah wants and the two are legally wed. Mariah, who, unbeknownst to her, is the identical twin of Sharon and Nick Newman’s deceased daughter Casey.

Ian Ward drugs Mariah again and she signs the marriage license marking their marriage legal. He then asks Clarence to stay with a drugged Mariah while he takes care of one last thing.

Victor rushes off to Georgia after a call from Dr. Cutler about Phyllis. He sits at her bedside speaking softly to her and explaining what is happening. Phyllis Newman finally opens her eyes.

Other spoilers include Jack telling Summer that he and Kelly have moved in together. Summer does not take the news well but apologizes for her behavior.

Nikki goes to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and admits she had a drink after months of sobriety. She vows that she will not drink again. Nikki promises she will take it one day at a time. Victor plans to go out of town to check on Phyllis’s progress. Nikki finds a new sponsor. But when she gets home Nikki’s sobriety is once again challenged when Ian Ward shows up at her door.