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Y&R's final episode featuring Billy Miller and Michael Muhney 1/30/14

After watching Billy and Adam drive off the screen to who knows where it was a bittersweet moment knowing that when they reappear they will be played by two different actors. Billy Miller chose to not renew his contract after being asked to take much less than he is worth and Michael Muhney had been fired under unproven circumstances.

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The viewers have been very vocal about the loss of the Emmy Award winning actor Billy Miller being short changed and of their support for Michael Muhney and many fans have vowed to leave the number one show because of these events.

Though the truth of the matter is, no one actor makes a number one show, it is definitely a team effort and The Young and the Restless has stellar actors such as Peter Bergman, Jess Walton, Doug Davidson, Christian LeBlanc,Melody Thomas Scott, Kristoff St John, Eric Braeden, Joshua Morrow, Sharon Case, Greg Rikkart, Daniel Goddard, Amelia Heinle, Melissa Claire Egan, Kate Linder, Jessica Collins and on and on, it is hard to stop watching because of a few actors. If one does than you were a fan of the actor, not the show and so you are understandably lost to the show.

The true fans of Y&R will stay with it and though they may miss these two remarkable actors they enjoy Y&R too much to leave because of their loss. Either way the loss is felt by all and when David Tom appears as the new Billy time will tell whether he is up to filling the very big shoes of Billy Miller and finding a replacement for Michael Muhney is another huge task.

Y&R will go on for years no matter who leaves and though we mourn the loss of the two phenomenal actors we will give the new actors a chance and hope they fit comfortably into the roles.

We wish Billy Miller and Michael Muhney all of the best, they will be missed.

Y& R can be seen weekdays at 12:30 p.m./est on CBS.

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