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‘Y&R’ rumors: Will Neil Winters live or die after being electrocuted?

‘Y&R’ rumors: Will Neil Winters live or die after being electrocuted?
‘Y&R’ rumors: Will Neil Winters live or die after being electrocuted?
Photo courtesy of CBS and used with permission

Neil Winters had the best of intentions when he set out to purchase his brand new bride Hilary the home of her dreams. But the house needs work and Winters son-in-law Cane Ashby warned him that he needs to hire an electrician to fix the problems with the wiring in the house after the lights flickered and went out.

Ashby was able to temporarily solve the problem and left the house, leaving Neil behind. On Monday, August 11, Neil was in the house alone when the lights flickered for a second time. Winters went to the fuse box to see what was wrong. When he tried to fix the problem, Neil Winters was electrocuted and fell to the floor, unconscious.

While Winters was at the house, Hilary was on a rendezvous with Neil’s adopted son, Devon Hamilton. The couple decided that they needed to tell Neil about their feelings for each other. Hilary decided she was going to end her marriage and called Neil but the call went to his voicemail. When Hilary tried to call Neil again and still was not able to reach him directly she sought out Cane. Reluctantly Cane led Devon and Hilary to the house.

When the trio got there they found Neil unconscious on the floor. They called an ambulance and Hilary was heard begging Neil to stay with her. But will Neil survive the electrocution? Did too many volts course through his body? Will he be in a coma? And how long will it be before Hilary and Devon are able to let Neil know about their feelings for each other? Or, will Neil Winters die, eliminating the need for the couple to tell him? How will Lily, Devon’s sister, react when she discovers that Hilary and Devon have kept their relationship a secret? How will Lily respond when she finds out that her husband Cane knew about Hilary and Devon all along?