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'Y&R' - Cassie's ghost - what's the story?

Camryn Grimes
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The death of Sharon and Nick’s daughter Cassie was a sad and tragic twist on ‘Y&R.’ In many ways, Sharon and Nick never recovered from the tragic event. But as per usual in the world of soaps, things can often times change.

Recently, fans saw the character of Cassie again – or did they?

On Friday we learned that the ‘ghost’ of Cassie is in reality an imposter. But what’s the story behind this new twist?

TV Guide journalist Michael Logan caught up with actress Camryn Grimes to find out the dish.

On just who ‘fake Cassie’ really is, Grimes said,

‘You're not going to find out exactly who she is for quite a while — but it's pretty out there. She's a very ballsy character. You'll be surprised at the nature of her relationship with Victor. He doesn't want his son, Nick [Joshua Morrow], reuniting with Sharon, so Victor is working with Fake Cassie to make sure that doesn't happen.’

On Cassie being more than just a ghost, Grimes said,

‘I had all these ideas going through my head but I was thinking of the obvious things, like maybe Cassie had a twin sister nobody knew about — all the obvious soap stuff. But what the writers came up with is so much fun and so unexpected. I love it! And I'm really excited to be working with Eric Braeden. This new character has so much potential to go all over the place. I'm looking forward to the reaction from the audience as it all unfolds.’

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‘The Young and the Restless’ airs weekdays at 12:30 on Detroit’s local CBS affiliate WWJ.

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