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XOJET can lead the way to Las Vegas for Memorial Weekend

Las Vegas is heating up and the official start of summer and the pool parties is here. Shaquille O’Neal is quoted as saying to Amy Jo Martin, “Go Big or go home. Otherwise, what’s the point? …” Personally, it would be difficult for Shaquille to go small, the man is 7 foot tall. With this adage in mind, what do you expect from a first class jet owner operator in getting you and your party to Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend? One word, XOJET. They are the royalty of service and benefits for the first time jet user to the veteran business aviation user.

The right way to fly to Las Vegas, anytime, and any size jet, XOJET!XOJET Citation X interior
The right way to fly to Las Vegas, anytime, and any size jet, XOJET!XOJET Citation X interior
On our way to Las Vegas for Memorial Weekend with XOJET

XOJET owns its own fleet of Cessna Citation Xs and Bombardier Challenger 300s. The XOJET fleet of private jets are best in class with the following appointments; satellite phone, Wi-Fi Internet access on every jet, high-end entertainment system in the cabin and several ports to dock your mobile device. A favorite are the Nomad USB cables. The industry leader in onboard Wi-Fi XOJETs in-cabin Wi-Fi affords passengers the ability to post to Facebook, Tweet and Instagram their photos throughout the duration of their flight to Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend all via their cutting edge GoGo Text & Talk system allowing smartphone capabilities.

“For the first time in history, business travelers will experience a true boardroom in the sky, with all the connectivity they enjoy on the ground,” explains Shari Jones, Chief Marketing Officer of XOJET. “Aircell’s Gogo Text & Talk service will allow a seamless communications transition from ground to in-flight, maximizing efficiency to the highest degree. This is the future of business aviation, and we are proud to blaze this trail.”

XOJETs in-cabin touchscreens allow the passenger to control lighting and window shades should you need to stretch out on the lie-flat club chairs. The XOJET Challengers and Citations are flying environments. From the business perspective, these cabins provide privacy and productivity tools. Once your team is aboard, team members don't have to worry about other people listening in on strategy sessions. For entertainers, it’s a relaxing platform to go from one event to the next. The GoGo Text & Talk system would be a great way to collaborate and lay down some new tracks on LL Cool Js Boomdizzle virtual recording studio, introduced at CES2013, with for example, Fans of Jimmy Century, also from San Francisco like XOJET.

Now in Las Vegas, Fans of Jimmy Century an original pop dance band playing cool up-tempo and downtempo grooves with live instrumentation. Their newest single "Va Va Voom to the Moon" (currently distributed by Universal Music Group) has already had multiple TV/film placements, and was chosen as a major UFC fight walkout song for female fighter Liz Carmouche during her April 2014 fight at the Amway Center in Orlando FL.

To keep the heat up in Las Vegas this Memorial Weekend the place to be is Drais Beachclub & Nightclub. They opened their new pool and club. Contact Mr. Carlos Hernandez or call 954-274-2236 for Host services.

From the spacious Bombardier Challenger 300 to the speed of a Cessna Citation X, XOJETs fleet offers maximum comfort and true economic value for each flight, so go big or go home!