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Xeriscape For San Diego Water Conservation

Xeriscape In San Diego
Xeriscape In San Diego

In San Diego where water conservation is a must, the future of landscaping is xeriscape.

Xeriscape is a type of landscaping designed especially for for arid and semiarid climates. With xeriscape water conservation techniques are used like drought tolerant plans, drip irrigation and mulch.

There are plenty of plants, shrubs and ground covering to choose from if you prefer more of a Southern California look rather than the desert.

Water utility bills are on the increase. Overuse or watering outside of the designated times can lead to fines of $200 per day.

There are some simple xeriscaping techniques like:

1. Installing synthetic lawns. If you replace natural lawns with synthetic turf, the state offers rebates of up to $3.00 per square foot offered. With latest synthetic turf, it is hard to tell the difference.

2. Drip irrigation lines, low flow sprinkler heads and multi-programmable time clocks are a must and keep water usage down to comply with city requirements.

3. Mulch in planters and slopes keeps moisture in, maintains temperature and helps avoid erosion.

4. Soil should be amended to keep PH and Phosphorous levels within recommended levels. Good soil drains quickly while storing water and nutrients at the same time.

5. Drought tolerant ground cover and plants like succulents require less water.

For more information on xeriscaping, lanscape design, hardscape, synthetic turf or barbecue islands, contact Landscape Logic, homegrown San Diego Design firm.

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