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Xbox Wire posts major app release list before E3

More things to watch
More things to watch

Xbox Wire yesterday released a list of apps and programs that will be available later in the year on Xbox One including HBO Go, Vine, and Twitter. Lawrence Hryb, director of programming for Xbox Live (also known as Major Nelson), is seen in the video at the top of the page introducing the Twitter app in particular.

The list of new apps that will be featured is quite extensive. According to the article, it will increase the overall catalog of apps on the Xbox One by 25%. The app list includes Sports apps like NBA and NHL, as well as more niche appeal apps like Crunchyroll, which would include streaming anime shows.

While the announcement is certainly newsworthy, the timing is certainly interesting. E3 is less than a week away and this announcement certainly would want to receive a good amount of attention, so why not wait a week or so? Most of these apps will not be available until after the show, so there is no real sense of urgency.

The reason, or reasons, may be simple scheduling conflicts or strategies that feel that releasing this announcement during the down time just before E3 is most effective. However, it is worth noting that the apps revealed included a lot of television and show related content, while E3 is mostly seen as a gaming expo. Microsoft was ridiculed after the Xbox One premiere event when they spoke more about the television related apps than the games. It is possible that Microsoft did not want to repeat that mistake at this years E3 by announcing a bunch of television related apps at once.