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Xbox security flaw breached by 5-year-old: Uncovers flaw unknown to Microsoft

Xbox is a popular gaming console enjoyed by many people young and old. With the growing demand of players of all ages including very young children a password verification screen was installed to ensure parental control on the games played as well as times played by parents. Well, a five-year-old boy uncovered something that Microsoft wasn’t even aware of.

5-year-old uncovers password flaw
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USA Today reported on April 4 that Kristoffer Von Hassel, a five-year-old boy wanted to play a game and was first brought to the password verification screen. Kristoffer didn’t know the password and did what most children would have done when put in a frustrating situation and that was to try something on their own to see if it would get him into the game.

Well, it worked. Kristoffer hit the space key a few times and viola, he was able to access his father’s Xbox Live account without knowing the actual password. Kristoffer’s father, Robert Davies asked his son to show him what he did and thought it was brilliant on his part but as a parent also concerned about how easy it was for his little one to breach his password information and thought it best to report it as a flaw in the system.

After Robert Davies reported the flaw his son breached so easily to Xbox, Microsoft was immediately alerted and took measures to fix the situation so it won’t happen again. They were very appreciative of being alerted to this situation and rewarded Davies to a one year subscription to Xbox Live as well as a very generous gift package with four free Xbox games and $50 for him and his family to enjoy.

Microsoft’s appreciation went even further than all the free gifts. They added Kristoffer and his father, Robert to the Microsoft website crediting them with a title of security researchers who are helping to make the online services more secure and safer for families everywhere.

Did you know that there was a flaw in the way the password screen was developed?

Does this situation scare you that your child can be playing online and live without permissions?

Have you already checked your console to see if the flaw is present or if the fix took care of the link you access when playing on your Xbox?

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