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Xbox playing, TV watching dad admits to suffocating crying baby

The crying 16-month-old baby boy was interfering with the father playing his Xbox video games.
The crying 16-month-old baby boy was interfering with the father playing his Xbox video games.
Citrus County Sheriff's Office

On April 18, sheriff's deputies in Citrus County, Fla. reported that a father there smothered his crying 16-month-old baby boy so the dad could continue to play games on his Xbox and watch TV without being interrupted. Deputies identified the father as 24-year-old Cody Wygant, who has now been charged with child neglect and murder in the third degree.

The baby, Daymeon Wygant, was unresponsive when emergency medical personnel arrived at Wygant’s Florida home on Thursday morning. The child was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital, according to ABC News.

A spokesperson with the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Jeff Dawsy, said that "It is inconceivable that a father could kill his infant son — it just baffles the mind." Dawsy went on to say that the only thing police can do now is to bring swift justice to the father, and that his deputies are sharing their prayers with all those “who knew and loved Daymeon."

The father told police that he had grown frustrated “because the boy was crying uncontrollably, preventing him from playing his Xbox games.”

He covered the boy's nose and mouth for three to four minutes until he became lethargic, then placed him in a playpen and covered him with bedding, which was tucked around the boy's body and head, officials said.

The father then went on to resume playing his Xbox video games, and also proceeded to watch three episodes of the TV science fiction drama "Fringe." Five hours went by, according to investigators, before Wygant looked in on his young son. By the time he did, the child had “turned blue and was unresponsive.”

CBS News reported after police first spoke with Daymeon's parents, they told investigators that the baby boy had been placed into his playpen at approximately 7 a.m. yesterday. After police continued to interview the couple, Wygant eventually admitted that “he suffocated the child around 1 a.m.”

An autopsy has already been concluded on Daymeon, the results of which haven’t yet been made public.

Wygant shared his Florida home with his now deceased son, plus a 3-month-old daughter and his girlfriend - who is the mother of Wygant’s two children. The mother was not in the house when the father allegedly suffocated Daymeon. The baby girl is now in the care of the Department of Children and Families. Police have not released the mother’s name.

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