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Xbox password flaw: Young boy discovers Xbox security flaw in console

An Xbox password flaw was discovered by a five-year-old boy who was able to log-in to his father's account without knowing his information.

Kristoffer Von Hassel was able to let his father, Robert Davies, see what he did. What Kristoffer uncovered was new to Microsoft!

An April 4 report by USA Today wrote that the Xbox password flaw had to do with Kristoffer typing the incorrect password in, which made the console jump to a password verification screen. All the boy had to do was hit the space key a few times and it took him into his dad's Xbox Live account.

"Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool," Davies said.

Microsoft was alerted to the flaw and has fixed it. To show their appreciation to Kristoffer, they recognized him on their website as a security researcher and sent a generous gift package that consisted of free games and subscription to Xbox Live for one year.

Did hearing about the Xbox password flaw alarm you?

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