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Xbox password flaw: 5-year-old 'mini hacker' finds a major security flaw in Xbox

By accident, a 5-year-old boy somehow managed to discover an Xbox password flaw which turned out to be a pretty serious security vulnerability in the Xbox Live platform. Kristoffer Von Hassel is a happy 5-year-old living in San Diego who likes video games, especially those that his father doesn't want him playing. So he tried to access his father's Xbox One account and incredibly, he eventually gained access to it despite not knowing the password.

As reported by USA Today on April 4, the Xbox password flaw was discovered after the "mini-hacker's" father found out he had been playing inappropriate video games on Xbox One. When his dad, Robert Davies, questioned him on how he gained access to the console, the boy proudly showed his father the feat he had accomplished.

"I was like yea!", Kristoffer expressed to reporters. "I got nervous. I thought he was going to find out. I thought someone was going to steal the Xbox," he said.

Our young friend discovered the Xbox password flaw after he entered the wrong password in the portal to log on to Xbox Live. After entering the wrong data, users are taken to a second screen for verification. Kristoffer discovered that by pressing the space key in the enabled password field until it was filled with space bars, he could access the account and enjoy the securities purchased by his father.

"Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool," Davies told media sources.

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It is clear that the skills of this exceptionally smart prepubertal will come along, because this is not the first time that Kristoffer has done something of this nature. Apparently he has already discovered, despite his young age, several computer glitches. The first feat was accomplished when he was just a 1-year-old after he unlocked a mobile phone by holding the "Home" key on the display.

When Microsoft learned of the flaw from the boy's father, they quickly solved the problem. The company also decided to reward the child with 4 games, $50, and a one-year subscription to Xbox Live. He has also been included on a page that honors those who have discovered flaws in Microsoft products.

If we consider that if someone with darker intentions had uncovered the Xbox password flaw, the problems for Microsoft could have been epic.

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