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Xbox password flaw: 5-year-old hacks dad’s Xbox, shows major Xbox security flaw

The Xbox password flaw used by five-year-old Kristoffer to hack into his dad’s account has resulted in Microsoft having to come up with a fix for the Xbox security flaw. “Microsoft has come up with a fix and acknowledged Kristopher on their website in a list of security researchers that have helped make Microsoft online services more secure,” reports San Diego’s 10News on April 3.

Xbox password flaw: 5-year-old hacks dad’s Xbox, finds major Xbox security flaw

Five-year-old Kristoffer (his name is also spelled as Kristopher by San Diego's 10News) is from Ocean Beach in northern San Diego, and even though his feet cannot touch the ground while playing Xbox, he is one smart kid that knows how to get where he wants to be.

Shortly after Christmas, the little boy’s parents discovered that Kristoffer was able to log into his father’s supposedly secure Xbox Live account and was playing games that he wasn’t supposed to have access to. When his parents asked their son how he was able to log into dad’s account, the “suddenly excited Kristoffer showed Dad that when he typed in a wrong password for his father’s account, it clicked to a password verification screen. By typing in space keys, then hitting enter, Kristoffer was able to get in through a back door.”

The Xbox password flaw didn’t get the five-year-old into trouble. Kristoffer’s dad works in computer security and the fact that his five-year-old was able to find a major Xbox security flaw makes him one proud dad. “Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool.”

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