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Xbox original TV shows to debut in June with Seth Green, Sarah Silverman

Xbox One
Xbox One
The Xbox One and Xbox 360 are getting original TV programming in June. (Microsoft)

A Monday Bloomberg report confirms that Microsoft is going ahead with its original TV programming plans for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 with the first hitting this June.

There are currently six new series lined up including a science-fiction thriller named "Humans" about robotic works that eerily resemble real humans; a stop-motion animation show from Seth Green's Stoopid Buddy Stoodios; the maker's of "Robot Chicken"; a comedy sketch show from Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera’s JASH comedy collective; and a street football reality show called "Every Street United." Microsoft also has more than a dozen other projects in the works including the a live-action Halo series.

Microsoft plans to go beyond just normal viewing with these shows as they will have interactive elements. For example, "Every Street United" will allow viewers to unlock extra scenes play mini-games. The goal is to engage viewers across engage across consoles, phones and tablets.

The business model for all programs hasn't been made clear yet but "Every Street United" is described as being free which implies that other shows may require some additional cost. Microsoft has also reportedly struck partnerships with other distributors to make these original shows available on other platforms outside of Xbox.

Nancy Tellem, president of entertainment at Microsoft Corp, makes it clear that these shows are being made to appeal to Xbox owners when she says, "We aren’t trying to find something that’s going to be accepted by the largest common denominator, which is what a lot of people in the business look for," she said. "We’re focused on what we feel our audience on our platform wants."