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Xbox One to receive two system updates in the coming weeks

Prepare for two upcoming updates
Prepare for two upcoming updates

Microsoft today unveiled its plans to release two system updates, which begin with the first one on Feb. 11.

The first update will bring a handful of features that have been sorely needed on the console, such as the ability to see and manage space on the hard drive, and to see how much battery life is left on the Xbox One controller.

The company notes that the update includes "lots of behind-the-scenes updates for developers building apps and games for Xbox One, several new features we believe Xbox fans will love, stability and product updates to improve the customer experience, and continuous improvements to the quality of Kinect voice so commands become more fluid and responsive over time."

Games will also notice a new install lineup that allows for the management of the download queue. Microsoft also said that the update will now make USB keyboards compatible with the console.

Following the initial update, there will be a second on on March 4, which will prep the console for the release of Titanfall.

"This update will contain many new features and improvements, most significantly to our party and multiplayer systems," said Microsoft through their Xbox News blog. Available on March 11, “Titanfall” is a team-based online multiplayer game that showcases the power of Xbox Live, and we will be shipping a new party and multiplayer system that will help make “Titanfall” the must-have game for this generation.

More updates will follow as Microsoft attempts to give gamers the kinds of features that have been clamored for on the new system, and we'll keep you updated as more information is released about those.

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